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Introduction of the Founder, Chief Instructor & Examiner

The 1st & Only Martial Artist in India,

awarded with Honorary Citizenship of Miyoshi City, Hiroshima, Japan.

1st Indian as an Official Observer for the 8th ASEAN Kendo Championship, Bangkok, Thailand

The 1st Official Martial Artist in the State of Andhra Pradesh registered by Government Dept. of culture A- HYD. 116360.

Recipient of many Commendations & Awards from Army, Police & civil organizations

Specially the Army "Basantar Award" from 2nd in command Colonel P. K. Sur.

Since 1984  Teaching  Martial arts to

Children, Youth and Adults from various walks of Life.

A Master of High Spirit & Etiquette, 

Dedicated for the cause of Education through Martial Arts.


Prof., Dr. Syed Mohammed Siddiq Mahmoodi

 Regional Director of

 United States Martial Artists Association




BLACK DRAGON Society (S. Africa)


Founder of








Representative of  India



(The first & only Indian citizen to get this honors)

Recipient of Life Time Achievement Award from USMAA


 Hall of Fame Member





Ph.D. (Martial Arts)

M.D. (Alternative Medicines)

Dip in Acupuncture., F.R.H.S., 

Physiotherapist., Chiropractor., Osteopath., Acupuncturist., 

Shiatsu therapist., Magneto therapist., Aroma therapist., 

Faith Healer, Expertise in counter for Black magic & witch craft ,

Health counselor., M.A., PG. Dip in Business Admin., 

PG. Adv Dip in  Japanese Lang., PG. Dip in Family Health Education., 

Dip. in Office Administration., Certificate in Civil Defense,


 Member of




 Life Member of






Of  American College of Martial Science.


  Martial Arts Ambassador For India

  1. Of American College of martial Science.    

  2. Of Martial Arts Association International.

  3. Of World Organizer of Martial Arts.           







"Golden Dragons" 14-1-494/1, Aghapura, Darusalaam "X" roads,

Hyderabad 500012, AP, India


contact # 0091-9885044250


Fax: 0091-40-24804019